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Fresco....Bakery Fresh Every Time!

Fresco Baked Goods Preserver


How do you keep your baked goods fresh? Fresco is a unique kitchen accessory that helps keep your baked goods fresh naturally

Happy Chocolate Milk Day!

What goes better with chocolate milk than pound cake? Keep yours bakery fresh....every time!

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Fresco is a Baked Goods Preserver that keeps your confections fresher, longer!

Using FRESCO is as easy as



Add clean water



Place water-filled Fresco in the container with your favorite baked goods. 



Close the container, and enjoy fresh, moist and delicious baked goods for as long as YOU decide!

How Fresco Keeps the Baked Goods Fresh

fresh moist baked goods preserver

Just enough water is then gradually and naturally absorbed by your baked goods, keeping them moister, longer!

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Hygrometer showing poundcake stored after 7 days with and without Fresco

Moisture difference Between the Pound Cake Without Fresco and with Fresco

Note the difference in the relative humidity between the enclosed container with the FRESCO unit (80%), and the container without the FRESCO unit (75%). Your baked good absorbs the moisture FRESCO traps inside the container, keeping your confections fresh, moist and delicious naturally!

How do YOU keep your baked goods fresh?

Simple. Natural. Fresh.

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Fresco Unique Design and Features

Preserve Baked Goods Naturally


Add 1 oz. clean water to Fresco Chef Hat to guarantee non-spillage, fill to top if spillage is not an issue.  

Please note 1 oz. is enough to ensure moisture.

Unique Undulated Design


The natural wave of the chef hat is designed to capture the water in case of tip over.



The base of the chef hat is specifically designed to fit all standard cupcake, muffin and Bundt cake containers. 

Fresco is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Fresco Chef Hats

Keep Your Baked Good Moist and Delicious Naturally!



Fresco Chef Hats are uniquely designed kitchenware that will fit all standard cupcake containers, keeping your cupcakes and all fresh baked goods, moist and tasty! 



Simply fill Fresco Chef Hat with 1-3 ounces of clean water and place in sealed or closed container alongside any baked good

Bundt Cakes


Fresco Chef Hats unique size also fit perfectly in the bundt cake center!

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Fresco....Bakery Fresh Every Time!


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